Road 2 Recovery

Road 2 Recovery - Helping you eliminate the road blocks

You're already on the road to recovery!

Businesses and their business leaders are now looking at growth, be it through market share or diversification. But it's not merely about bouncing back, but the speed at which you recover.

The aim of this seminar is to help you accelerate on your road to recovery, learning from your peers, other inspirational business leaders, and expert trainers in the fields of HR, Sales and Marketing.

Recovery and growth is about your pipeline; how to grow it, how to convert it and how to ensure you have the team around you to succeed.

Join us on 16 September, 29 September or 7 October for a day jam-packed full of advice, training and networking to ensure there are no road blocks to your recovery.

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Road 2 Recovery

Training and Conference Centre with accommodation in Milton Keynes