Customer Interaction

A training programme that is designed​ to improve customer handling skills.

Aims & Benefits: To develop an understanding of those qualities and characteristics that have a positive influence on customer relationships both internally and externally and to have a positive impact on internal processes and systems that affect the customer.

Staff that are working directly with customers and need to improve their understanding of the key skills required to deliver good customer service and develop customer loyalty​.​

Effective Business Writing

Effective writing skills reflect well on you and your organisation. This course aims to help you to develop the skills and techniques that will help you to communicate efficiently and effectively in the workplace.

Through this programme you will learn about:

  • The principles of good written communication

  • The basic rules of good writing – planning, relevance, accuracy, brevity, clarity

  • What to say and how to say it

  • Types of letters

  • Letter writing approach

  • Letter layouts and presentation

  • Types of reports

  • Report writing

  • Objectives and audiences

  • Collating, storing and marshalling information

  • Dividing materials into manageable sections

  • Punctuation, presentation and layout

As an optional benefit, delegates are invited to bring examples of letters and reports that they have encountered at work.