Design Services

Your corporate image is an important first indicator for customers as to their confidence in dealing with you. Choice of colours and text styles alone can give the impression of exclusive or high quality services or economy label provision so get it wrong and you may deter potential business at the start.

It may be time to refresh a logo or how you present your brand to the world in print or on the web. A whole new set of skills is required these days to create e-mail flyers and documents that potential customers can read on a computer or tablet screen without having to wait for files to download and then having to open them.

If you need to share images with colleagues or customers by e-mail or on-line, today’s digital camera files are brilliant - but produce huge originals quite unsuitable for distribution. In contrast, printers do need high resolution images for brochures and leaflets!

We can advise on all these new areas and either produce the designs and items for you or train selected members of staff in utilising new applications.

We can handle documents large and small, from presentations to product catalogues, letterheads to web site icons and can even provide a rapid editing service to check important documents for spelling and grammar errors and to correct formatting or overall presentation before issue.

Contact us for more information about this exciting and valuable new range of services.