Richard Wigfield

Richard has worked in a variety of business environments, including sales, training, education, technical support and assurance services. This has led to a wide portfolio of knowledge and experience enabling him to put his Certificate in Quality and Diploma in Quality Assurance qualifications to practical use.

He has implemented and maintained quality management systems in businesses as diverse as engineering, foundries, warehousing and automotive.

He has written and delivered training courses including quality assurance tools and techniques, internal auditing for both quality and environmental management systems and also for quality and environmental awareness. These courses have been delivered to businesses small and large, across the UK and Europe and Africa.

As a certified lead auditor for a number of UKAS accredited certification bodies, Richard has experience of seeing how many different companies run their management systems. This has enabled him to build up a broad spectrum of knowledge and a true understanding of the fact that there is no single system that works for everyone. Each company is different and he tailors his approach according to the requirements of the customer rather than simply ticking boxes.

Richard has worked with businesses as small as three people through to multi-national corporations and has experience of dealing with people at all levels within a business. With his “keep it simple” philosophy, Richard believes strongly in the principles of continuous improvement, looking at ways of reducing complexity of processes and eliminating unnecessary documentation and bureaucracy.