Eve Meager

Director of Education

Having gained a Certificate in Cambridge Education in 1975, Eve has developed into a successful, proven and highly qualified leader, teacher, trainer and coach. She has a bubbly and infectious personality.

Eve has over 30 years experience in the education arena. She has successfully coached and mentored newly qualified teachers to progress them in their careers, this includes coaching teachers to make the transition to good or outstanding.

During her time as senior leader she has successfully achieved the challenging targets and goals, importantly motivating her teams through identifying and organising continuous professional development for teaching staff within her schools.

Eve’s experience in ensuring excellence in everything she delivers is demonstrated from her early days as a Police Officer where she was awarded the baton of honour for not only her achievements but also for inspiring others in her cohort to achieve.

Her creative skills were demonstrated when she achieved the Arts Mark Gold award in Creative Arts. During her education career she has been a leader and delivered teaching in a variety of multi-cultural and ethnic areas both north and south of the country. Eve is qualified and highly experienced in delivering English as an additional language for people in a business environment.

Eve’s specialities include:

  • Leadership & Management

  • Communication skills

  • Motivational skills

  • Performance management

  • Building effective teams

  • Professional development

  • Coaching

  • English as an additional language